Strengthening our foster care system.


The Quality Parenting Initiative (QPI), a strategy of the Youth Law Center, is an approach to strengthening foster care, refocusing on excellent parenting for all children in the child welfare system. 

Interested in creating positive change within the Foster Care system in Minnesota,  QPI - MN was launched in October 2017. Unique to Minnesota’s efforts with QPI is its origin was driven largely by private foster care agencies of AspireMN, joining together with several counties and social service agencies rather than being directed by government or regulations. The Dept of Human Services offers support and collaboration to the QPI-MN efforts. All individuals and agencies connected to the foster care system are welcomed partners for ongoing QPI-MN work.

When QPI is successful, caregivers have a voice. Our work is inclusive in nature and looks to build on the nationwide QPI movement, following the example of over 70 jurisdictions across 10 states, working to foster better outcomes for every child and caregiver.

Building solid foundations to collaborate to serve kids and remembering that the heart of the system is the child/youth and families.
— Original QPI - MN goal

QPI-MN Values

Children and youth develop and grow through love and support of their families and communities.

Foster parents are respected partners who advocate and collaborate for the well-being of the child/youth and their birth family and relatives.

Communities and system partners collaborate and drive best practice and best interests of our children and youth.

Birth families, relatives and foster parents connect and create mutually healthy relationships to care for children and youth.